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Gary Caroline as president of the Ofelas Group testified about consular affairs at the Canadian Parliamentary Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs

“Thank you, Mr. Nault, and thank you to everyone on the standing committee for the opportunity to appear before you to address some of the concerns we have encountered in our representation and advocacy on behalf of Canadians imprisoned or detained abroad in violation of their human rights.

Dean Peroff, Chris Macleod—who unfortunately may not be joining us—and I have been working over the past several years on various initiatives aimed at improving the consular services and support delivered to such Canadians. As concerned individuals, or in conjunction with others, we’ve produced a proposed protection charter.

I believe you heard from Alex Neve and Mohamed Fahmy this week, who have been involved in proposing a new officer of Parliament as outlined in a document called “The Office of the Consular Advocate General”, which was produced by the National Council for the Protection of Canadians Abroad and me in 2016.”


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