Labour Relations

Workplace legal advice and representation for unions and other progressive organizations

We encourage our clients to work with us to avoid litigation wherever possible. That can mean anything from a quick phone call before making a time-sensitive decision, to a comprehensive legal opinion on a complicated issue, to assistance in drafting a new policy or developing a strategic approach to a difficult challenge. It can mean us negotiating on your behalf or working with you behind the scenes to advise on difficult negotiations. It always means you can be confident you have the best legal advice and a solid plan to get you where you need to be.

Sometimes litigation is the best way forward. When it is, we fight smart to defend and advance your interests. We save the legalese for the courtroom and communicate clearly and regularly with you to ensure that every step of the litigation is getting us closer to achieving your objectives.

We provide a full spectrum of labour relations services but have particular expertise in the following.

 Litigation for Unions
 Internal union affairs
 Pension and benefits law

Contract Negotiation

We are skilled negotiators. We believe optimism, tenacity and creativity are essential elements in achieving the deal you need and that the other side can live with. Whether it is a multi-party collective agreement, an individual employment contract or a book deal, we can help you get the deal that you need – whether you want us at the table or behind the scenes.

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