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Caroline Law Corporation is a Vancouver, Canada based boutique law firm that specializes in union-side labour relations, corporate foreign affairs and risk management and government relations.

We provide practical and strategic legal advice and services tailored to your unique circumstances. We pay attention to the challenges and opportunities you face and generate options and solutions that are responsive to what you and your organization need. We never forget your ultimate vision and long-term interests and work to support you in achieving those goals.


Gary Caroline

Gary Caroline is the principal of Caroline Law Corporation.

Being represented by Gary means receiving more than just solid judgment and a deep understanding of the law. Clients benefit from Gary’s innovative thinking and pragmatism grounded in his many years of obtaining creative solutions in the labour relations context.

Gary brings that expertise to a wide range of matters from negotiating collective agreements to assisting companies in their dealings with government to representing persons detained in violation of their human rights in foreign jurisdictions. He also provides advice and advocacy to elected officials and political parties in Canada and abroad.

Gary’s life long interest in international affairs and human rights work is demonstrated through the leadership training provided with his former law partner Joanna Gislason for the Rwandan National Women’s Council and his work with Aids Free World in Uganda.

He is proud of the firm’s work in fighting for the release and return of Mohamed Fahmy and Abderrahmane Ghanem to Canada.

Gary is often called upon to offer strategic legal advice and to assist in negotiating major collective agreements. He is also one of Canada’s foremost experts in pension litigation and advises and represents pension and benefit plan beneficiaries.

Gary was born in Montreal. He has lived and worked in British Columbia for the past two decades. Gary is also the president of our sister company The Ofelas Group Inc.

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